Cindy Greco's - ICM505 Jump Page

Project Management 3 | Final Presentation | Yuppy Puppy Pawtisserie is Born

In ICM 502 my final project was to design a website in Adobe Photoshop. I had a lot of fun designing the pages, but they were not live. Rather a visual outline of what the pages may look like if they were coded. I seized the opportunity in this class to take what I started in ICM 502 and bring it to the next level for my final project.

Originally Yuppy Puppy Pawtiserie was an online dog treat shopping experience. I changed the concept to be a place where users can find instructions how to make homemade dog treats, an online cookbook. It grew even further as I began to create the pages into a place where not only you can find recipes for dog treats, but you can also find recipes for cat treats, dog health and related news on our furry best friends.

As I mentioned on my Project Management 2, Monitor Page, I used what I learned in the badge assignments and implemented them in my work. Below are a few bulleted examples of how I showcased what I have learned into the design my final project.

  • Social Media Customization: News Page
  • PHP Noob (email form): Footer
  • Firebug: Assisted with CSS Core
  • HTML5 Core: Understanding the code standards to alter template
  • CSS Core: Learned the basic theory of Cascading Style Sheets to alter template
  • Web Server Badge: Inserting PHP code into HTML, using XAMPP
  • C.R.A.P. Badge: Implementing Visual Design Principles into my Final Project, but also strengthened my ability to learn further about CCS and HTML.
  • Link to final website:Visit my final project
  • I had a lot of fun with this assignment. The site ended up being 7 pages, just as I originally planned in the Project Management 1 badge. I was able to utilize a lot of what we learned throughout the semester into the site. It was a rewarding experience.