Cindy Greco's - ICM505 Jump Page

Project Management 2 | Monitor

  • For my final project I made an effort to use what I learned in the badge assignments and implement them in my work. For example on the News page I implemented Social Media Customization. Another example is the footer. I used what I learned in the PHP Noob badge and created a form that allowed users to email the company.
  • I began to populate the pages of my final project with content. Thus far I have completed the Carob page, Cat lover recopies page as well as completing the footer and partially completed the News page.
  • I originally planned to make my site a place where users can come to buy homemade dog treats. I switched gears a bit and decided to make an online cookbook where people can access the site to find recipes to make homemade pet treats. Also, the site is a place where animal lovers can enjoy other information like charities that support animals.
  • I will begin to finish up adding content to the rest of the site in order to be ready to present my final project.
  • Visit my final project