Cindy Greco's - ICM505 Jump Page

A Little About Me


For as long as I can remember, I wanted a career that would enable me to be creative. I've always enjoyed the role of artist, creator and strong communicator. Growing up, I spent countless hours crafting and drawing (see image left, a painting I made for my grandfather as a child). I would go the extra mile on school projects to make them visually impressive. I find pleasure in molding an idea into reality, creating a design that provokes an emotion.

One of my most challenging projects, and one that I am most proud of, was the creation of a logo for the Hospital of Central Connecticut. The new graphic won a Lamplighter first place award for achieving the highest professional standards in healthcare communications.

In my job as a graphic artist, I also enjoy designing annual reports, magazines and books. One of my recent projects was the book: Albert Schweitzer Institute, "A Vision for Humanity," which received an American Inhouse Design award for excellence. I have learned that the true heart of design work is envisioning and creating something, not for yourself, but for others. Along the way, I discovered that building strong working relationships is just as important as creating something beautiful.

Having completed my undergraduate studies in 1997 (BS in Graphic Design, with a minor in art), and worked in the graphic design field for the past 19 years in both nonprofit and profit organizations; I've reached a point where I wanted to enhance my creative skills with additional technical knowledge. Last year I enrolled in the Master of Science in Interactive Media production track to give me the added skills and experience to launch my career from print to more advanced web projects, which I have already begun to do on my own. I want to grow and design work that is interactive.